What Am I Doing?

You guys, I literally have no idea what I am doing with my life. I feel like I'm missing that “something” that I am supposed to be doing. Do you know what I mean? 

I am living my life, looking for paths of happiness. I'm fucking up and getting it right. Recently, I almost quit my business, discovered I own my domain until next January, decided to stay open, found a part time job and quit social media for a while. It’s a lot and I’m honestly not willing to get into the astrology of it all. It’s already too much and I haven’t said anything about my personal life. 

I will say that over the past couple weeks, I have been able to shift my perspective on my business as a part of my life. Husband pointed out that I don’t have a business, I have a way of life. Initially, this comment irritated the fuck outta me. Since then, I have found the space to “grow into it”. SO, what does this mean? I continue to cultivate my life in a way that is self sustaining. What does this mean for my business? I am gonna continue to keep living my life, exchanging my skills and goods for resources that I can give to my electric company. For some reason, they still won’t accept calendula or meditation as payment for electricity. A personal goal is to more openly share the ways I live my life, in efforts to inspire others and generate income to support my family.

In summation - what am I doing? I am learning to BE.

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